Friday, May 21, 2021

A Beautiful Mind


Watched a beautiful and inspiring movie with my husband just now. The title is A beautiful Mind, based on a true story of a Professor named John Nash. I rarely watch movies but this movie is an exception. 

In brief, he was a genius student (then a professor and won Nobel prize on 1994- hey I was 7 at that time!) in the field of economics and mathematics and obviously numbers fascinate him a lot. To cut the story short, he suffered from scizophrenia and he found out about it shortly after he got married to his student; Alicia.

I don’t wanna write a lot about the story, so if you are interested to know, just head on to wikipedia and read the synopsis. What I wanna share here is about the lessons I learned from it;

1) mental illness can happen to anyone including genius and smart people. 

2) having a mental illness isn’t embarassing and it’s not a choice. 

3) Some mental illness patients might feel afraid or ashamed to let others know about their condition but it’s quite helpful if they let people aware about it. Those who aren’t afraid to share about their struggle to healing, are indeed strong and resilient. 

4) Mentall illness doesn’t only affect the patient, but the caretaker or the people living with them as well. So it’s of paramount importance for them to learn how to live with these patients, and more importantly, how to make them feel supported in their journey to recovery. 

5) The first brave thing to do for a person with mental illness is to admit they have it, and the second is; to seek help. 

6) Certain mental illness can’t be healed and the patient just have to live with it forever. And the only choice they have is to fight it and to learn how to control themselves whenever the illness strikes. 

7) Never give up to fight for our life, no matter what tests are being given. And it’s totally worth it to keep on doing the best that we can, with what we have, in the condition we are in. 

8) Love can make us strong, love can help us to heal.

9) To sacrifice for our beloved ones, is always worth it. 

10) No matter what we experience in our life, add meaning to it.  

Before I stop, I wanna leave you with this lyrics;
All Love Can Be (from the wife to her sick husband)
I will watch you in the darkness 
Show you love will see you through 
When the bad dreams wake you crying 
I'll show you all love can do 
All love can do 
I will watch through the night 
Hold you in my arms 
Give you dreams where no one will be 
I will watch through the dark 
Till the morning comes 
For the lights will take you 
Through the night to see 
All love, showing us all love can be 
I will guard you with my bright wings 
Stay till your heart learns to see 
All love can be.

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